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PARFAIT was honored with the Silver Award at the Greek Export Awards 2023 in the Top Export Product category, specifically for its Riddle Peanut Butter Wafers! The Greek Export Awards 2023 serve as a prestigious institution for the export sector, organized annually in collaboration with the Union of Diplomatic Officials of Economic & Commercial Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Participating companies demonstrate strong vision and business practices that extend beyond the borders of Greece, emphasizing various sectors.

The award ceremony took place on Friday, April 21, 2023, at the ATHENAEUM INTERCONTINENTAL HOTEL in a glamorous event. Mr. Giannis Sapounakis, the owner of the company, accepted the award, confirming the high quality and recognition of Riddle Peanut Butter Wafers in the international market. This recognition highlights Parfait’s dedication to promoting Greek production on a global scale.

For PARFAIT, this award serves as additional motivation to continue its journey in the field of exports with qualitative and innovative products, and the purpose of strengthening Greek Exports.


PARFAIT was honoured among the 13 businesses recognized by the Chamber of Commerce of Serres!

The Chamber of Commerce of Serres bestowed awards upon thirteen exceptional local businesses that have been recognized for their longstanding contribution to the field of entrepreneurship. The award ceremony took place during a special event organized within the framework of Serexpo 2023 on September 16.

Mr. Konstantinos Sapounakis, owner of PARFAIT, received the award, highlighting the value of entrepreneurship. This recognition by the Chamber of Commerce of Serres not only underscores the presence and impact of the company in the business community but also highlights its ongoing commitment to business excellence.

As one of the honoured enterprises, PARFAIT maintains its dedication to promoting the local economy and entrepreneurial culture in the region. The award serves as evidence of PARFAIT‘s commitment and the positive influence it continues to exert in the local business community of Serres.

MTA London 2022

Gold & Silver Award for Peanut Butter Wafers Riddle

PARFAIT company, with its new snacks under the brand Riddle Peanut Butter Wafers, has won a Gold & a Silver Prize in the excellent taste category for Riddle Sticks and Riddle Cups at the Mediterranean Taste Awards 2022 in London!

The balance of crisp wafer with peanut butter with 95% peanuts content and the milk chocolate coating excited the judges and ranked Riddle Snacks among the Finest Mediterranean products!

⦁ Gold Award in the excellent taste category for:

Riddle peanut butter wafer Stick with whole peanuts coated with milk chocolate! 

⦁ Silver Award in the excellent taste category for:

Riddle peanut butter wafer Cups with caramelized peanuts coated with milk chocolate! 

Regarding MTA Awards, it is a quality contest of Mediterranean standardized products, conducted in London.
The idea of the MTAwards is based upon a simple and clear vision, which is to spread the benefits and merits of the Mediterranean diet, through the discovery and promotion of the most innovative, brilliant, and unique in taste food creations.

The MTA’s mission is to do its best to find those producers who passionately create unique in taste edible products with top-quality ingredients and present them to the food community via a transparent and trusted evaluation process.

The Judging Panel consisted of Valentino Rossi (sous chef presso Gordon Ramsey Restaurants), Chris Taylor (Exec chef at Impact Food Group), Alberto Sidoti (Chef at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group), Manolis Salivaras (Owner & Founder, Multichrom Lab), Stuart Conibear (Director of Food & Beverage), Alex Dos Santos (Head Chef), Xavier Castella (Private Chef for UHNW family in London), Dr. Imene Trabelsi Triqui (Exec Vice President of Programs & Innovation Strategy).

We are delighted that two more Awards have been added to our collection and certify Riddle Peanut Butter Wafers for their excellent taste and excellent quality.


Bronze prize for Riddle Peanut butter wafer!

Among 880 products exclusively from Greek producers that were evaluated by 100 experienced tasters!!!

PARFAIT company, with its new snack Riddle Peanut Butter Wafer, has won a Bronze prize chosen among 880 products at the Specialist Awards 2021 competition which took place during March and April 2021.

“Tasty and Delicious Product!”, “Excellent Taste”, “Ideal for Peanuts Lovers”, “Tasty, Crisp and Delicious”, “Nice taste with intensities of peanut butter and chocolate”, “Has a nice aftertaste” were some of the comments that Riddle Superfood snack with peanut butter earned on its award!

The balance of crisp wafer containing 95% peanut butter on peanuts and the milk chocolate coating excited the judges and ranked it among the finest Greek products! 

Regarding Specialist Awards, it is a quality contest of Greek standardized products, conducted in Greece. The Panel of judges is made up of tasters, professors, researchers, chefs, flavor journalists and flavor theoreticals who were invited to evaluate products using their five senses but also their sixth sense of Umami. Having only their senses as the basis of the grading, a large network of experienced and specialized tasters and professionals derived from multiple fields of action adjudged hundreds of products. The predominant aim of the awards is to highlight the Finest Greek Products and the Greek Brand Name

We are proud that Riddle Peanut Butter Wafer Snack is now among the top Greek Products in such a reliable and upright award.


The Confectionary Company PARFAIT PC has won four awards for all four products it entered with, to the Foods and Drinks Contest “OLYMP AWARDS 2017”, organized by CONFEXPO UK on 27-28/05/2017 in Greece. The Company won the following awards for its products, that are available to the Greek Market and Duty Free Shops throughout the country:

Mythical Collection Dessert with Dried Fruits   Raisins – GOLD

Kourabies Traditional Sugared Bun – SILVER

Choco Delights Chocolate Coated Akanes (traditional Greek delight from Serres) – SILVER 

Mythical Collection Dessert with Dried Fruits Blueberry – BRONZE.

Mr. Konstantinos Sapounakis received the prizes in an event organized by the British Company CONFEXPO UK on 18/06/2017 at DIVANI CARAVEL HOTEL in Athens.



1rst award

The Confectionary Company PARFAIT PC has been awarded with an important distinction at the DETROP & OENOS 2017 International Exhibition in March, in Thessaloniki. The company has received an award for its product Mythical Collection With Dried Blueberries at the “Innovation in Traditional Products” class.

Every company had the right to compete with a single product and PARFAIT PC participated with the “Mythical Collection with Dried Blueberries” product from the “Mythical Collection”. The result was it’s the 1rst award win at the “Innovation in Traditional Products” class.

Products that took part in the Corner Showroom were nominees in two classes: INNOVATION & STANDARDISATION and DESIGN.

Only one product would win the Innovation Prize at the “INNOVATION” class as far as the taste, the combination with another ingredient and the originality are concerned. The voting procedure took place online and only Hosted Buyers had the right to vote.


EVGE 2019

1rst Award

The PARFAIT company won the 1rst Award in 2019 for the packaging of the ΚNACK in the Greek Graphic Design & Illustration Awards EVGE and in ERMIS AWARDS, the only prizes rewarding creativity in communication & advertising in Greece.

In the Greek Graphic Design & Illustration Awards EVGE and ERMIS AWARDS has also two distinctions for the packaging of the TWEE in 2017.